As we head into April, the old adage of “April showers” may definitely ring true (especially when it comes to Alabama weather). When wet weather strikes—which inevitably it will—driving safely in the rain is just part of making sure you and your family get from point A to point B without incident—which is the goal. Here are some quick tips to help you realize this goal, no matter the level of monsoon broadsiding your vehicle.
  1. Slow down. Yes, speedsters, we’re talking to you. While breaking the speed limits is admittedly something even the most upstanding citizens do on a regular basis, slowing down when it’s raining ensures safer travels. Speed limits are for when driving conditions are relatively normal—so when the roads are slick with rain, it might be worth your while to let off the gas pedal a little.
  2. Can the cruise control. It’s a money saver, but it leaves your vehicle open to more chances of hydroplaning and you losing control. Also, cruise control tends to make drivers less aware of their surroundings, which kind of breaks a core principle of driving safely in the rain. Cut off the cruise control and you’ll be more aware of what’s going on around you.
  3. Use caution when merging lanes. Driving safely in the rain means driving defensively. Be cautious when passing other vehicles and when merging—and you might just prevent an accident.
  4. Have on your headlights. It’s not only the law: it just makes good sense. Turning your headlights on when there’s low visibility, especially when it’s raining, allows you to more easily see the roadways—and any potential obstacles, or vehicles, too close for comfort.
  5. Steer slowly when hydroplaning. In the event of a hydroplane, steer your vehicle slowly in the direction that you are losing control. Don’t over correct, or you may just flip your car. Hydroplaning can happen to any vehicle—trucks, SUVs, cars—and only takes one-twelfth of an inch on the road and a speed north of 35 miles per hour.
The good thing about April showers is that they (usually) bring May flowers. Get through April accident-free with these quick tips for driving safely in the rain. And don’t forget, if you’re in need of a speedy car wash after a light drizzle or even a torrential rain storm, we’ve got you covered at Overflow Express Wash! Come visit us at Skyland Boulevard in Tuscaloosa and continue following our blog for more on car care, cleaning, safety, and more!

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