Winter has finally faded, allowing spring to spread. With it comes two popular phenomena: spring break and spring cleaning. Prepare for both of them at the same time by tidying up your car! Then, you can rev up your motor and enjoy a great start to the season. After all, it’s hard to go wrong with these excellent spring cleaning tips for your car.
  • Trash the trash. Start off the process by dealing with the trash. Make sure to bring a plastic bag or a trash bag with you if necessary. Then, it’s time for everything to go—especially food waste, which can breed bacteria or draw in hungry pests.
  • Clear out clutter. With the trash taken care of, you can more easily assess what in your car needs to stay—and what needs to go. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a jacket or umbrella stowed away, but bring everything that you don’t need in your car inside. Whether it’s toys, backpacks, or the supplies from your last store trip that you left in the back, clutter has no place in your car.
  • Pull out the vacuum. Whether you’re using a hand vacuum at Overflow or the one that comes in your car, vacuuming can help you get the tiny trash and food waste that you may have missed. You’d be surprised what a big difference it can make. Just remember to vacuum after you’ve dealt with the bigger trash and clutter, so that you can clean more thoroughly.
  • Wipe the inside of your windows. Don’t worry about the outside—we’ll get to that later. Clean the inside of your windows, and marvel how much nicer they look. If you have a sunroof or a moonroof, don’t neglect that either.
  • Shine your leather seats. You’ve vacuumed, but now it’s time to add the final touch. With leather-safe cleaner, wipe down your leather seats if you have them.
  • Address the rest of your interior. In your car, the mats matter. Well, so does the steering wheel and so do the cupholders. Clean them all and wipe them down, making sure to use products that are safe for the materials in your car.
  • Freshen the air. For a final touch, freshen the interior of your car. You can choose a hanging air freshener or one that clips onto the vents, making your car smell amazing all season long.
  • Drive to the car wash. Now, it’s time for the last—and easiest—entry in our spring cleaning tips for your car. You did the work—now it’s time for a reward! Sit back and enjoy as Overflow does the rest.
For a perfect car, you need a vehicle that’s clean, inside and out. With these spring cleaning tips for your car, you have the interior handled, so it’s time to treat yourself—and your car—to the royal treatment at Overflow Express Wash. Head on over to see us at Skyland Boulevard in Tuscaloosa. For more on the importance of cleaning your car—and how to get the job done—read our blog here.

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